domenica 4 agosto 2013

Space Is What You Choose

 photo kvestgard125_l_zps0bca98f7.jpg

 photo kvestgard129_l_zps3f638e1a.jpg 

 photo kvestgard132_l_zpsc8eeedde.jpg

 photo kvestgard122_l_zps417e9bdb.jpg

 photo kvestgard107_l_zpsa27f26a1.jpg

 photo kvestgard105_l_zpscb437411.jpg

 photo kvestgard108_l_zps753e936f.jpg

 photo kvestgard113_l_zpsd5da1b2d.jpg

 photo kvestgard118_l_zps941c5475.jpg

I believe my paintings are the voice of my silence.
Kristin Vestgård


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